Axesor moves into the cloud to enable flexibility and growth

Business Situation

Axesor is the leading credit risk management company in Spain, operating in both Europe and Latin America. Its main goal is to provide its clients with solutions that optimise their credit risk management. The value of Axesor lies in its data which was previously managed and stored in a data centre located in Granada. The company relied on manual systems to transfer information to its global offices which proved to be inefficient and time consuming. Axesor needed to guarantee that it could reach new markets – with readily available products and services – faster than the competition.

The company wanted an analysis of what its business could achieve in the cloud in terms of speed and greater insights. It wanted to replicate and automate its current experiences globally, but it first needed a solution that was more efficient in collecting, analysing and transferring knowledge and could guarantee standardisation of services.

“Now we have the capabilities, the flexibility and the speed to think about new services, new products, new ways to go to the market. We are thinking about which challenges are coming up and what is going to be next, so we are really excited about this moment.”

José Ramón González Chief Information Officer, Axesor


Avanade moved Axesor’s IT systems to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform — a technologically advanced architecture that takes full advantage of the PaaS, SaaS and continuous integration capabilities of Azure. As opposed to a pure “lift and shift” migration, this solution allows Axesor to capitalise on the benefits of the cloud. Combined with greater analytics capabilities, the solution provides valuable insight into the company’s data sources and automates the data management process so that it can easily publish and deploy in new environments. Instead of having to build competences separately, the company can collect and manage data faster to make the most of its services.

Azure was the only solution that could handle all of Axesor’s requirements for service standardization and market expansion, which included increased productivity, expanded offerings and better customer experiences. It provides the most innovative way for Axesor to understand its data, which is crucial to a company that relies on data to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date information and risk analysis.


Since the launch, Axesor achieved greater speed, capabilities and scalability at a reduced cost. For example, they have gone from moving one million operations per kernel in 24 hours to moving 26 million operations per kernel in same 24 hours timeframe.

In addition:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-code allows Axesor to quickly do provision testing and pre-production environments using Visual Studio. The company can deploy within minutes in multiple Azure regions.
  • The solution is cost efficient, because it eliminates redundant work.
  • Enriched information is now available and easily accessible. Also, this increased knowledge can be consolidated to provide clients with more unique responses.

The cloud solution serves as the basis for Axesor’s broader digital business transformation. The company wants the latest, most innovative ways to understand the value of its data so it can serve clients in more customised ways. The cloud is just the beginning.

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