Avanade provides Farstad with an ERP system that gives users an easy way of creating reports and effective internal controls

Business Situation

Farstad did not have a solution or a common way of handling their finance process. After having defined the common requirements, they engaged Avanade to implement Dynamics™  AX as their global, centralized ERP solution.


Farstad has now got a solution which supports their common finance requirements. Sharing data among all users and easily analyze information through financial overview and utilization reports.

The solution also ensures that all required financial information is precisely entered in a structured way.

Finally, the solution supports Farstad's vision of being best when it comes to quality.


Dynamics™  AX is configured to consolidate the financial information to give the management easy and relevant access to information, key figures and reports. Dynamics™  AX provides accurate financial reporting such as cost, revenue and profit information. The system gives the users an easy way of creating reports and effective internal controls.

''The first roll-out was brilliantly carried out!'' 

Hans-Fredrik Furstrand Finance Manager

''The main project has been a project with high quality on time and on budget. I will emphasize that one key to the delivery success has been the team’s reliance on Avanade’s ACM Methodology, following it very closely!''

Einar Garshol ICT Director

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