Chemical manufacturer connects scientists and chemists with innovative, robust collaboration tools

Global chemical manufacturer

scientists and chemists come together

Business Situation

With 50,000 people to connect, interaction and collaboration were difficult to achieve for this global chemical manufacturer. But the company sought ways to connect workers and to preserve the legacy knowledge of its tenured scientists and chemists. The company also wanted its workers to more easily find relevant information without having to search multiple repositories and other resources.

Avanade Added

Bringing to bear its extensive expertise in building optimized social collaboration platforms, Avanade built a future-oriented resource for this chemical manufacturer. The new platform supports knowledge sharing, robust content searching and internal and external collaboration. Avanade employed new social collaboration tools and technologies into a system that provides a consistent look and feel, or presence, for every worker, no matter where in the world he or she may be. Not a quick fix, the new system supports the company's long-term vision for employee collaboration.

How it works

Using a custom MySite solution, scientists and chemists can find content and post to a centralized repository for scientific publications, while supplementing that knowledge with MySite profiles that help in pinpointing experts throughout the company. Microblogs and the ability to tag, share and comment on articles increases collaboration, while robust tools support effective searching. Using another customized component, company workers can collaborate directly with outside experts. Within the first two months of launch, some 40 external entities are using the platform to communicate directly with company scientists. The consistent look and feel supports increased engagement throughout the workforce, and new employee networks are fostering a spirit of involvement and like-mindedness.

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