Business Situation

KEHA Development and Administrative Services Centre (KEHA Centre) gives Finnish government agencies the tools to carry out public administration tasks. With data volume in Azure cloud growing, it was ready to amplify its digital transformation with a data lifecycle business model. It sought increased data retention and management in the cloud, with relevant new policies to complement its Microsoft 365 use. While they had Microsoft 365 E5 licenses, KEHA Centre’s IT team had limited knowledge about its tools and features. Because it matters to KEHA-keskus to keep data safe, the company sought advice on how to optimize E5.

"This is the start of the journey, and we are already seeing results. This isn’t just a project for making security processes and then it’s forgotten. KEHA is using the framework. The journey does not end."

Arto Saranpӓӓ Chief Technology Officer, KEHA Centre


Avanade held workshops for KEHA Centre IT team members to develop requirements, proofs of concept and use cases around data retention, data security with Azure Information Protection (AIP) labeling and data loss prevention (DLP). Together, Avanade and KEHA Centre created DLP policies and a data management roadmap using E5 and Microsoft Azure. We also advised KEHA Centre how to implement new use cases and optimally manage information security.


Within weeks, KEHA Centre transitioned data to the cloud with an innovative data retention model and a framework to implement future digital transformation projects. It now has standard policies and a specialized data security roadmap. These components have made it possible for additional internal data governance and protection policy work.

E5 productivity apps with integrated and automated security extended KEHA Centre’s identity and threat protection. Now information protection and advanced compliance functions govern data while reducing risk.

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