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Landmark Information Group (Landmark) provides property professionals with access to the UK’s largest source of property and land data. As part of its digital transformation journey, it focused on migrating its on-premise data-driven applications into the cloud to enhance its ability to scale and provide greater flexibility to meet ever-evolving customer needs. Landmark wanted to ensure its customers can get detailed mapping across multiple scale levels with unrivalled response times.

“By working across Avanade, Microsoft and Intel, we were able to ensure that the movement to the cloud would deliver across all our prerequisites, giving us a clear path forward.”

Chris Catchpole Group Head of Data and Insight, Landmark Information Group


As the first property data business in the UK to sign the Pledge to Net Zero, it was important for Landmark to find a solution that would help it achieve the speed and scalability needed to remain a leading industry player, but with less infrastructure and greater efficiency.

With a proof of architecture on Microsoft Azure as the starting point, we built a partly open-source, fully cloud-native application to replace its on-premise data system. We also teamed up with Intel, a leading technology innovator, to give Landmark cutting-edge digital capabilities.


With cloud elasticity, Landmark is better positioned to increase customer satisfaction, grow its business and fulfill its commitment to becoming carbon neutral. It can accommodate high traffic periods, and data can be retrieved within 300 to 500 milliseconds. Cloud services also use much less energy than the typical on-premises data centre, helping the company reduce its carbon emissions.

Additional benefits include:

  • 60% cost savings by reducing the need for continuous upgrades and licensing
  • Increased scalability to meet market demand without overspending
  • Ability to personalise features like mapping styles, which offer a more differentiated customer experience

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