Marston Holdings identifies significant cloud savings 

Business Situation

Marston Holdings is the UK's largest transportation and enforcement services company, helping governments and other clients manage their accounts receivable. 

Before the pandemic, the company sought new, innovative ways to optimise the value from its business-critical case management system. It had already realised the value of moving its infrastructure into Microsoft's cloud platform. As Marston’s long-standing strategic application partner, Avanade proposed an application modernisation plan to enable faster access to new functionality that will help service the company’s client needs and increase the value and efficiency of its Microsoft Azure investment.


With the COVID-19 pandemic challenging all businesses and creating new constraints, Avanade found a creative way to fund the application modernisation work by improving Marston's spend on cloud services. We completed a Microsoft Azure cost profiling analysis using our unique approach, unrivaled IP solutions, and extensive experience and knowledge of the Azure platform. This strategy focused on identifying efficiencies and lowering operational expenditures across both the infrastructure and application components. 


The analysis provided Marston with a visualisation of its estate and a full understanding of how  the company can right-size its cloud landscape while keeping a firm handle on the associated costs.

By using an innovative gainshare model for the cost optimisation project, and with significant potential savings identified, Avanade and Marston will continue to partner to evolve the modernisation agenda. This will allow Marston to future-proof its case management system, reduce complexity to implement changes faster and ultimately respond quicker to emerging market demands.

“I was impressed at the innovative tooling and deep Microsoft expertise that Avanade brought to identify significant opportunities where we could reduce our Azure costs. The cost profiling has made us review how we architect our solutions to get the most value from Azure, at the best price.”

 Declan McGrath CIO, Marston Holdings Ltd
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Marston Holdings identifies significant cloud savings 

Marston Holdings cloud client case study.

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