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As the leading provider of innovative, digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem, we seek to improve our productivity and job satisfaction with great experiences using Microsoft technology. At the onset of the pandemic, our workforce became 100% remote which prompted us to assess our readiness to meet employees' needs in their new work environments. To help support everyone’s well-being, it was important to simplify tasks, provide an easy way to share knowledge and expertise, and allow more time to focus on value-add work for our clients.


We turned to Microsoft Viva, which is a single solution employee experience platform primarily accessed in Microsoft Teams. Our Viva adoption started with a proof of concept trialed by employee volunteers, then we rolled it out to others who have a Microsoft 365 license. This is enabling users to:

  • Find experts and knowledge, and contribute knowledge
  • Receive personalized news and resources based on individual interests
  • Schedule focused work, well-being breaks and meetings with colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Maximize teamwork in a virtual ecosystem
  • Improve our use of Microsoft capabilities

“I’ve started searching on some of the questions that I have or the type of asset that I’m looking for across the organization, and it’s really cool to see what pops up in my search results. Not only is a topic page suggested to me if there’s a match, it also will present different documents and highlight the presence of the keyword that I’m searching for.”

Jill Hannemann Workplace Advisory Consultant at Avanade


We’ve achieved high voluntary Viva adoption and see qualitative markers of employee productivity and success that include:

  • Easier-to-find actions and information
  • Connection to the broader organization
  • Ability to effectively work from anywhere
  • Quicker and more efficient employee onboarding

Rethink your the employee experience era and transform your workplace with a modern platform and Viva.

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