Consolidation business case shows ROI in just one year


​Avanade helped NCC develop and execute a business case to show cost savings on consolidation and centralization of email, directory and system management services. The business case indicated that the company could expect to see a return within approximately one year, and that the savings in the following years were more than 12 MSEK per year.

Customer Solution

​Avanade was asked to create a business case that would investigate the effects on NCC Group if a potential migration into a common back-end platform was to be done

Business Situation

​NCC Roads, together with Avanade, had been successfully building and migrating the company onto a new Microsoft infrastructure platform. NCC wanted to evaluate the possibility of migrating the rest of NCC Group onto the new NCC Roads platform. 

"This project is a great example of how a business case approach can be taken end to end, from initial analysis, to project execution and follow up."

Anders Torell Project owner and IT Manager, NCC Roads

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