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Avanade and NCC Roads have established a common vision to work towards a future way of working with asphalt paving. The vision includes a set of tools to capture and visualize data for NCC Roads to take industry leadership through IT. With cutting edge technology, Avanade is helping NCC Roads understand and contextualize changes internally as well as market changes to enable them to make better business decisions.

"Avanade has played a big part on our journey of taking industry leadership through IT"

Jonas Stridh Head of Strategic IT and Innovation, NCC Roads

Customer Solution

Avanade and NCC Roads initiated a joint effort to harness innovation and created a vision for Work Redesigned. It has been an iterative process from the start when Avanade presented a concept “In The Loop” on how, where and when to use IT in NCC Roads business. 

Subsequently, open workshops between IT, Communications and Avanade’s Experience Design team have been held to elaborate on the “In The Loop” concept. Avanade has built a Proof of Concept for a tablet solution which includes a tool for people in the field to enter data and follow project development and a Business Intelligence tool for management to analyze the data entry.

Business Solution

​NCC Roads has set the goal of IT being at the forefront of the organisation. Strategically leading and driving business development towards IT’s vision to take industry leadership through IT. 

This vision had to be turned in to reality and Avanade was chosen as a trusted long-term advisor on this journey. Avanade and NCC Roads began a collaborative approach to ensure IT innovation was the driving force behind NCC Roads business development plan to gain a competitive advantage through IT.

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