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Nippon Gases is one of Europe’s largest industrial and medical gas companies. The organisation has grown through the acquisition of other companies and over the years, this has resulted in a collection of competing tools and processes. Customer data was in separate siloes which limited the efficiency of sales and marketing activities, creating a bottleneck for growth.

To solve these issues, Nippon Gases in Iberia and Italy wanted to build a platform that will unify and harmonize its sales and marketing processes by bringing together all of its customer data into one common tool. The company wanted a scalable, agile solution that takes advantage of the power of the cloud using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. However, because the company didn’t have any previous cloud experience, it turned to the experts at Avanade.

“We’re approaching the future with a very powerful tool that will be great for our business strategy and customer focus and represents a new way to address the challenging market landscape ahead.”

Fabrizio Alessi Accounts and Business Relations Office Manager, Nippon Gases Italy


Avanade implemented the Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing modules. By integrating the platform with the existing ERP solutions at Nippon Gases, this would provide employees with access to a complete view of relevant customer and product information in real time during interactions, streamlining the sales process. This would also enable the marketing team to tap into this data for insights that will help cluster customers and their buying patterns for more targeted campaigns.

To ensure employee adoption of the Dynamics 365 platform, a significant investment was made in training users. Avanade assisted with this change management program, bringing employees up to speed on how business processes are enhanced by the new system.


  • Improved customer experience: With a 360-degree view of the customer, salespeople can offer faster quotes and more personalised interactions.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: In surveys conducted since the platform has gone live, employees expressed how pleased they are with the new tools.
  • Tighter collaboration between sales and marketing: By accessing data collected by the sales team, marketing can create offers and campaigns targeting the specific needs of both existing and new customers.
  • Enhanced sales processes: Sales now has updated product information, consumption data and insight into competitors, creating a competitive market advantage.

After a successful rollout in Iberia and Italy, Nippon Gases and Avanade are working together to expand the platform across the rest of its European operations.

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