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Customer Solution

Since transparency and open communications are cornerstones of NSCU’s culture, they viewed their intranet as an important tool for improving productivity, collaboration and communication. It was time for an overhaul. An innovative and real-time approach was established to dramatically improve the way in which employees collaborated with one another. Working together within an aggressive timeline, NSCU and Avanade deployed a new SharePoint 2010 platform in just eight months.


North Shore Credit Union now has a robust SharePoint 2010 platform that empowers employees to share important content and more easily search and find the information they need to be more effective in their roles. NSCU has realized benefits such as improved content search, more efficient content sharing, and a higher degree of accountability. Permission-based widgets empower managers to post their own intranet content without the involvement of the IT department – something that used to take days to post now takes seconds. These widgets have also enabled two-way communications between employees and the executive.

Business Situation

NSCU’s overgrown intranet platform made it difficult for employees to collaborate and to access the content they needed to effectively do their jobs. Over its 10-year life, the intranet platform had become overrun with data, making it cumbersome for employees to use and problematic for the credit union to keep current. With more than 6,000 pages of content, employees found it challenging to find relevant content to effectively support their internal and external customers. The highly customized  and aging intranet platform also became onerous for its IT department to manage and was a source of frustration for managers and key stakeholders who found it difficult to update, use and locate information.

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