From Google Apps to Office 365 with Avanade

Business Situation

PKC Group recently acquired AEES, an American company that was using Google Apps. However, it’s contract with Google was coming to an end and the new parent company had already decided on a group-wide switch of 2,000 users to Microsoft Office 365 for email and collaboration.


The solution delivers the benefits of Office 365, including a per-user, per-month fee model and enhanced communications and collaboration tools. It also ensured that the newly-acquired subsidiary would use the same infrastructure as the rest of the group, making integration easier. And, thanks to Avanade’s expertise and help, the company moved 2,000 people to Office 365 quickly and without interrupting the business.

"Avanade proved to be the right partner and ensured that this large, complex migration went smoothly."

Jyrki Keronen Senior Vice President, Business Development, PKC Group

Customer Solution

PKC chose Avanade to manage the migration from Google to Office 365 because it was business-critical and they couldn’t afford to take risks. Avanade used the Quest OnDemand SaaS Migration tool to move the data and provided lab testing and scripting to ensure a smooth migration.

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