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Business Situation

For the Life and P&C Insurance and the Bank their current management information system did not provide sufficient accuracy on internal profitability measures. Profitability reporting and analysis on products and business units were predominantly performed on manual basis. Storebrand’s overall objective was to raise the bar and get top quality management data by creating a state of art management BI solution showing business income related to cost on various reporting dimensions like organization, product, KAM, and sales channel.


Working in close collaboration with the client, Avanade built a sophisticated BI solution based on Microsoft BI stack. An ABC model was created to allocate cost from support-functions and corporate staff. For the banking unit a new internal pricing model for balance items was needed to calculate margins by product.


  • Implemented a powerful, high quality calculation profitability engine on all key dimensions.
  • Additional analytical reporting and analysis interface is added using Sharepoint Portal Server and Excel 2007.
  • A new, simple to use, budgeting solution saves time and increases quality in the budgeting process.
  • The new insights gained have already provided a fact base for significant changes and initiatives.

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