Swedish Space Corporation rockets toward digital transformation

Business Situation

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is a government-owned company offering satellite services, research and engineering support to space agencies around the world. The “New Space” industry is undergoing a major transformation with lots of mergers, acquisitions, startups, new players and space tourism businesses entering the market. This presents greater demands for companies like SSC – and it knows it must transform from the inside out if it wants to thrive and stay competitive.

“Avanade was more agile and offered a far less cumbersome process than the competition. I liked the concept that we would get a very defined deliverable after a six- to eight-week effort.”

Peter Haglind Group CIO and Head of Enterprise IT, Swedish Space Corporation


To support this vision, SSC executed a major IT consolidation project, combining and standardising disparate end-user services, support and data centre infrastructure. The goal was to reduce costs and bring more agility to operations. But questions remained on how to best proceed with its digital transformation. SSC teamed up with Avanade to help it go from stakeholder requirements to a roadmap of practical actions and outcomes. In less than two months, Avanade Advisory worked diligently with key stakeholders to develop a rich, comprehensive analysis of the company’s IT performance.


In addition to demonstrating how SSC’s previous standardisation efforts were paying off, Avanade Advisory also helped:

  • Identify new areas of standardization to further increase IT maturity
  • Highlight timely opportunities to renegotiate upcoming Microsoft software agreements and investigate a Microsoft Office 365 migration
  • Build trust and confidence between the CIO, the management team and SSC’s executive committee

With clear insights, SSC is well positioned to proceed with its journey to become a modern IT organisation that can provide better services.

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Swedish Space Corporation prepares for lift off with modern IT

Avanade spoke with Peter Haglind, the CIO and head of enterprise IT at SSC.


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