Systembolaget ACA.NET engagement​

Case Study: Improving Customer Service

Business Situation​

The overall business challenge for Systembolaget is to constantly develop their retail chain and at the same time perform cost-cutting to meet decreasing volumes. The existing cash register system is outdated and needs to be replaced to meet new regulations and support a more modern way of working. The introduction of self-service stores increases the need for new routines and office systems.​


Systembolaget hired Accenture and Avanade to develop a new customer service application which will be used in all Systembolaget’s cash registers in Sweden. The application includes a smart customer order system for rapid order placement using a web interface. By using the Avanade Connected Architectures for .NET (ACA.Net), Avanade delivers a solution that is easy to maintain and adaptable for future needs. ACA.Net is a powerful framework for Service Orientated Architecture, which together with SQL Server Integration Services will provide Systembolaget with a good integration platform for the future.

Technologies used: .NET Framework 2.0, Ajax, ACA.NET 4.1, XML Web services, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Integration Services.​


With the new application Systembolaget can offer higher service levels to their. With better technology the customer can improve the information provided to customers as well as improve the ease of ordering products.​

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