UMBRAGROUP speeds the integration of its acquisitions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Situation

UMBRAGROUP is an international leader in the precision mechanical components markets. It focuses on the production of ball screws for aeronautical and industrial applications. With offices in Europe and the U.S., the company employs approximately 1,000 people and has a sales volume of over €180 million. In recent years, it has experienced strong growth through the acquisition of foreign companies, becoming a sort of “pocket multinational” business.

The company realised that its management system was not able to handle the complexities of new acquisitions, so it turned to Avanade to reengineer its business processes.


We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which provided a unique model of intercompany management, enhancing overall performance. From cost control and production dynamics to improved customer response time, this also helped to accelerate the integration of newly acquired companies. In one of its recent acquisitions of German company PKE, UMBRAGROUP was able to replace PKE’s previous information system with Dynamics 365 in less than two months. In addition, UMBRAGROUP’s organisation architecture was centralised and the process of sharing business data across its companies was standardised.


The reengineering efforts resulted in the integration of all processes related to production, commerce and logistics. It also helped to improve the company’s global performance. Today, management relies on a unified and rational organisational system that meets the needs of a “pocket multinational.” This also allows for the rapid migration of any newly acquired companies.

The global implementation of the Dynamics 365 platform has encouraged real-time sharing of all business data among companies. This has reduced infrastructure management costs and improves the ability to plan and control individual activities.

The business intelligence feature of the platform helps management monitor production cycle efficiencies. Human Resources has also used this to structure professional profiles and facilitate the certification of skills. The integrated management of the entire production chain has helped to speed up customer response and delivery times.

NOTE: This story describes work that was completed by Concert, which was acquired by Avanade in May 2020.

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