Email solution upgrade from Microsoft Exchange® 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Business Situation​

Varma’s old email environment was based on a simple Exchange® 2003 design that had reached the end of its life cycle. Varma was looking to upgrade its email system to an up-to-date, high availability email environment and was searching for a highly skilled partner with a proven track record for the project.


Avanade designed and built Varma’s new Microsoft Exchange® 2010 email solution, instructed  and tested user migration from the old email environment to the new one. As a result, Varma is now able to guarantee an efficient, highly available and flexible email solution for all  users within the company.​


Avanade provided a solution that met Varma's availability and other requirements by planning and implementing the new email environment and the transition project.  At the beginning a BPOS-S solution was evaluated, but due to scheduling constraints and industry specific security requirements, Varma and Avanade made the decision to stick to a more conventional email system and upgraded Varma’s environment from Microsoft Exchange® 2003 to a cost effective and high available Exchange® 2010 for Varma’s 800 mailboxes.

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