Improved customer experience with new VELUX online shop

Business Situation

​The VELUX Group had an e-commerce site which was not very user-friendly and lacked certain key functionality. It had become obsolete and extremely inflexible, and as a result, the VELUX Group was losing potential customers, because its customers would choose a product and then find it wasn’t available for some reason. To resolve this problem, the VELUX Group started Project Picasso to create a new, flexible, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that would improve the customer experience.


​The new system delivers a better user experience for VELUX customers and staff alike. The project was a big success and delivered much-needed improvements. The conversion rates increased up to 30%. The system also supports multiple countries, shops per country and languages per shop making it very easy for the VELUX Group to deploy cross borders. It allows resellers to embed a blind selector into their own website, increasing potential sales.


​The project began with a proof of concept in 2011 and full-scale development work began in October 2011. Avanade and Accenture’s initial proof of concept helped the VELUX Group to decide to replace their Oracle solution. The conclusion was to do a cloud hosted custom-built solution using Microsoft cloud; Windows Azure. The VELUX Group, Avanade and Accenture also agreed on using a small but highly experienced team using the SCRUM Agile approach. Avanade delivered the site on time.
VELUX e-commerce (from a LoB perspective)

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