Avanade's Agile cloud solution for VELUX Group's new e-commerce website


The new technology improves customer service, with fewer abandoned sales and improved marketing and reseller capabilities.
It makes localization easier, so the VELUX Group is rolling out to 20+ countries. Using Microsoft cloud Windows Azure to host the infrastructure in the cloud makes the solution resilient, scalable and cost-effective.
Overall, the new system has help the VELUX Group increase conversion rates up to 30% in some territories.
VELUX e-commerce (from a LoB perspective)

Read Velux e-commerce case study here

Business Situation

The VELUX Group needed to replace an obsolete, ten-year-old website that used Oracle, which was being phased out. The old site was not user-friendly. It made it difficult for customers to find the right products and hard for managers to keep the site up to date or run sales and marketing campaigns.
The result was that the VELUX Group was losing potential customers because customers would choose a product and then find it wasn’t available for some reason.


Avanade built a system that linked the VELUX Group’s SAP ERP system and the Joomla-based front end. The new e-commerce system included a product configurator, pricing engine, basket and checkout flow (with payments) and a product catalogue.
The whole thing ran in the cloud using Windows Azure technology. The expert project team used the SCRUM Agile approach to deliver the project on time and on budget in just seven months.

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