The current business environment has made it abundantly clear that agility and adaptability are emerging as the most important characteristics manufacturers can develop, not just to weather the current crisis, but to emerge with the ability to thrive in the digital economy. Companies need to be able to quickly pivot across the entirety of their business- from product development, through their supply chain, production, and service. Clearly, the ability to rapidly adapt to changing business conditions is critical. The good news: it’s not too late to incorporate strategies and technologies that will allow you to create agile, adaptable, and resilient operations.

In this interactive round table discussion, facilitated by Avanade, you’ll have the opportunity to share input, ask questions, and hear from industry experts about how manufacturers are meeting this challenge head-on.

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Michael Walton
Industry Solution Executive (Manufacturing Industry), Microsoft

Gregory Fuller

Tom Nall
Global Manufacturing Industry Director, Avanade


Dan Larkin
Vice President, Digital Marketing, Avanade

Intelligent Business Applications

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avanade brings the best of Microsoft technology with tailored business solutions, so organisations can improve existing flows and processes, identify and pursue new business opportunities, and stay ahead of competition.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, personalised by Avanade

Accelerate innovation and realise value faster

Ai and Automation

Transforming your organisation requires moving away from embedded legacy technology to new, modern systems to help you be ready for the future.

AI Benchmarking

In uncertain times, AI has become a powerful differentiator for organisations as they rethink how to respond, reset and renew their business with AI at the centre for continuity, resilience and business growth.

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