Does your Team feel safe in the cloud?

The recent global situation has caused many companies to deploy Microsoft Teams and other virtual team-based structures at a greater velocity then they are used to. If this is you, have you considered the security and compliance challenges associated with such a move?

Avanade has developed an enablement approach to help our clients equip their employees with the tools to do their jobs and collaborate from any location with adaptive security at the center of focus. We have helped clients of all sizes - including the deployment of Microsoft Teams to 1.2 million employees in 7 days.

In this webinar our security experts will share observations and strategies on the key topics:

  • What to consider in order to safeguard your business after an accelerated move to Teams.
  • How to protect yourself, your company and your IP in Teams.
  • Learn how Avanade helped clients to work remotely and empowered secure collaboration with an adaptive security approach to connectivity, information and user identity.
We welcome you to join our live session and Q&A or sign up to receive the on-demand recording.


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Max Smith

Max Smith
Platform Modernization Lead, Nordic

Max is the Nordic Platform Modernization Lead at Avanade. He is responsible end to end for all Microsoft 365 enablement, migration and security pre-sales and projects in the Nordics.

Max has spent the last 20 years designing and building Microsoft workplace, networking and security solutions. He is passionate about using security as a business enabler and designing solutions that help employees with the challenges that they face day to day.


Mekki Latif

Mekki Latif
Senior Infrastructure Consultant, Sweden

Mekki is a Senior Consultant in the Infrastructure TC at Avanade Sweden with a focus on Modern Workplace and a special interest in Security and Mobility. Having a broad background in IT Infrastructure he is now fully committed and passionate about creating modern, secure and productive workplace experiences in Microsoft 365.


Peter Swedin

Peter Swedin
Security Lead, Nordic

Peter is responsible for driving the security business, offers and initiatives for Avanade in the Nordics. He has worked exclusively with security since the 1990’s, been a part of three successful security start-ups and three global corporations. Has a special affinity for Identity and information security, but have worked in all IT-security related fields. Designed and implemented numerous security projects and architectures on a global scale, leading teams spread across five continents. Takes a wholistic view on security, believing that properly secured environments can serve as an enabler for any organisation to do business in new and innovating ways.


Johan Edwards

Johan Edwards
Modern Workplace and Apps & Infra Lead, Sweden

Johan is responsible for driving the Modern Workplace and Apps & Infra business, offers and initiatives for Avanade in Sweden. Johan has worked in the IT industry for 20 years and has experiance from sales as an Account Executive driving large transformations both from a technical and change management perspective and from building up a partner organization focus on mutal understanding and growth. Johan has worked both for large IT suppliers like HP, Cisco and System Integrators like Atea before he joined Avanade 1,5 years ago directly from five years at Microsoft. His main goal is to understand your business priorities, what you are trying to achive and with Avanades uniq capabilities, people and technology make sure you get the maximum value out of your investment. IT is an business enabler and we need to simplyfy and explain how our customers can take advantage of the technology to give their employees and customers a uniq experiance, they are the companies most valuble assets.



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