Driving a personalized connected shopping experience using the Avanade Intelligent Store

After months of limited in-store and in-person meetings customers are returning - but to what? So much has changed in the retail landscape and we have developed new individual habits. In our work with clients, it has become clear that retailers are at an inflection point.

Flexibility and convenience are what costumers request in how they purchase everything from groceries to goods. Mobile devices and other digital services are more commonly seen as part of making the in-store shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

As part of this transition, leading retailers are developing new solutions to offer a retail experience that grow loyalty in both online and in-store, and to reimagine their physical store footprints and initiate new and improved shopping practices that costumers will be returning to.

We recently worked together with Microsoft to produce a modular solution which we decided to call Avanade Intelligent Store that will help retailers to succeed in meeting the new consumer demands. Using Microsoft solutions, we specialize in providing digital and cloud services, business solutions, and design-led experiences. Built on Microsoft Azure, the solution integrates physical and digital in-store use cases and allows retailers to optimize the customer experience across channels.

Avanade Connected Retail helps you:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by enabling your customers to shop across multiple channels
  • Increase sales by supporting sophisticated marketing campaigns and promotions at checkout
  • Improve availability by streamlining merchandise replenishment
  • Reduce inventory costs by gaining a 360-degree view into inventory flow
  • Enhance your brand by quickly responding to dynamic market conditions with flexible pricing and promotions

To learn more, please download our Avanade’s Intelligent Store whitepaper below, co-authored with Microsoft, or contact your local Avanade representative to schedule a one-on-one introductory session to better understand how Avanade and Microsoft can help meet tomorrow’s opportunities today.


Seize this moment
Retailers are at an inflection point. As the pandemic subsides, and after months of limited in-store and in-person experiences, customers will return—but to what? So much has changed: the retail landscape and our individual habits, with new convenient shopping options suddenly available all across retail. And with change comes opportunity—the opportunity to reimagine the store experience that customers will return to.

An intelligent store is not the store of the future. It is the store of tomorrow, the store of next week, or the store of next month: The intelligent store offers a reimagined experience where retailers are afforded the opportunity to be as multi-faceted as shoppers themselves, serving up capabilities that meet these constantly evolving customer and employee expectations. The physical store will remain the heart of retail and as we start to plan for the post-pandemic world, it’s about time we truly reimagine how.

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