Exclusive IDC insights: How to empower profitable retail with a purpose

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Retailers are under intense pressure from consumers, employees, and investors to operate responsibly with respect to people and planet. It's a common belief that controlling costs is antithetical to operating sustainably – that being responsible and protecting margins are mutually exclusive. They are not. In fact, if a retailer is successfully operating sustainably, controlling costs is built into its business model: Operating sustainably means using resources efficiently and optimally.

In this exclusive new IDC research snapshot, leading retail sustainability analysts explore the realities of responsible retail amid the threat of a global recession. The study establishes how retailers can be cost conscious, while retaining their conscience – doing what matters by protecting people, the planet and their profitability.

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If the IDC snapshot got you excited about the opportunity to drive profitability while progressing your purpose, then our exclusive Responsible Retail Insights series is exactly what you’re looking for. Register for this exclusive four-part series and you’ll get access to:

  1. Even more exclusive data and insights direct from leading IDC analysts
  2. Unique perspectives from an on-demand panel discussion between global retail leaders
  3. An interactive intelligent store model, showcasing responsible physical retail opportunities
  4. Practical advice on (and real-world examples of) profitable retail powered by purpose

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