Maintain healthcare engagement and excellence through continual change

In this episode, Jillian Moore, Global Advisory Lead at Avanade, welcomes Dr. John Zelcer, Healthcare Advisor at Avanade, to discuss shifts in connected care and how digital can enhance interactions between healthcare professionals and their patients through continual change.

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Jillian Moore 

Jillian Moore
Global Advisory Lead, Avanade

Jillian Moore leads Avanade’s Global Advisory organisation, with responsibility for creating and executing Avanade’s advisory strategy, developing and leading our global advisory offerings and capabilities, and managing our strategic engagements with Avanade advisory clients.

Jillian comes to Avanade from Atos, where she led the company’s Global Digital Transformation practise. Prior to that she was a client services partner and Customer Engagement practise lead at Slalom Consulting in the U.K.

She holds a master’s degree with honours in advanced computing from Imperial College, London, and a bachelor’s degree with honours in computer science from the University of York. Passionate about mental health and the role physical activity plays, Jillian is chair of the board of trustees of London Sport, a social service non-profit whose mission is to encourage the people of London to be more active. She sets a good example. Jillian is an avid scuba diver and instructor, with a particular interest in underwater photography.

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John Zelcer, M.D. 

John Zelcer, M.D.
Healthcare Advisor, Avanade

Dr. John Zelcer is a healthcare strategy consultant and clinician whose distinguished record spans more than 40 years, covering the private, public and not-for-profit healthcare sectors in clinical, strategic, operational and governance roles. John’s clinical and academic career as an anaesthesiologist included a subspeciality focus on obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, head and neck surgery, and neurosurgery. His research focus was primarily on safe anaesthesia practise and the beneficial role of information technology.

His business roles have included board chairmanship, board directorship, and senior executive roles in strategic planning and business development in healthcare services and products companies. In addition, he has held strategy management consulting, investment banking advisory and medical technology development roles, and has worked with Tier 1 consulting firms in senior strategic advisory roles, with a key focus on governance, quality and safety in healthcare management.

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