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Adam Warby
Adam Warby
Chief Executive Officer

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Adam works closely with the Avanade Board of Directors and his leadership team to realize our mission of making a genuine impact on our clients and their customers through solutions based on the Microsoft platform.

Adam joined Avanade at its inception in April, 2000, and as one of the founding members, was instrumental in building the company and shaping its culture. A senior leader, Adam has significant experience managing and growing Avanade’s business operations, having served as General Manager and Senior Vice President for the company’s North American and European operations during his tenure. As Executive Vice President, he has also led Avanade’s worldwide sales and marketing teams, and set the vision and direction for Avanade solutions.

A true global citizen, Adam has lived in both Europe and North America, and has frequently traveled the globe visiting Avanade clients and regional offices.

Adam came to Avanade from Microsoft, where he was General Manager of the Midwest District, responsible for sales and support of Microsoft software throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Prior to this position, he was General Manager of Microsoft's Enterprise Services, responsible for implementing the strategy and plans for Microsoft's direct and partner services organizations focused on enterprise customers. 

Adam is a member of the Heidrick & Struggles board of directors, where he is helping to bring insights into new and emerging technologies. Adam holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar
Chief Growth Officer

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Chief Growth Officer Ashish Kumar is responsible for driving strategic and operational initiatives to accelerate Avanade’s growth. As part of that portfolio, he oversees the global departments for sales, alliances, innovation, industry and strategy.

From 2008 to 2013, Ashish was President, Europe, Africa and Latin America. He joined Avanade at its inception as Chief Technology Officer and served in this role from 2000 to 2008. During his tenure, he established Avanade’s global delivery capability in India and the Philippines.

Prior to Avanade, Ashish was general manager of Microsoft’s Industry Solutions Group, a consulting unit that delivered the first generation of Microsoft-based enterprise-scale solutions across vertical markets. Ashish started his career in database product engineering at Digital Equipment Corporation.

A recognized leader in IT, Ashish has been named one of the 25 Most Influential CTOs by InfoWorld magazine and one of ComputerWorld magazine’s Top 100 IT Professionals.

Ashish holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Imperial College, University of London, and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Florida.

Stella Goulet
Stella Goulet

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作为首席市场营销总监,Stella Goulet 领导埃维诺的全球市场营销团队。她负责指导埃维诺全球市场营销团队在数字化浪潮中始终如一的发展良好的品牌形象,以及确保整个企业业务增长。同时,她是埃维诺的首任首席市场营销总监并且是全球行政领导团队成员之一。

在职业生涯中,Stella 曾负责一家 B2B 服务公司与市场营销相关的一起工作,主要涵盖:包装和宣传解决方案、区域营销、丰富内容和思想领导力、品牌推广、广告、数字营销、媒体和公共关系以及重大收购的营销工作。 

她是 Forrester 首席市场营销协会的团队成员,曾在信息技术服务营销协会 (ITSMA) 顾问委员会供职。Stella 擅长针对各种营销相关主题发言和撰文,致力于帮助企业在数字化浪潮中发展。著作包括:客户体验、CMO-CIO 关系、数字化营销、敏捷营销和人工智能在营销中发挥的作用等到。 

作为在IT 行业推崇多样性的领导者,她是埃维诺的 Prism 员工资源组(LGBT + 包容性)的执行发起人,还参与了旨在鼓励女孩和青年女性考虑在科学、科技、工程和数学 (STEM) 领域开展职业生涯的活动。

Stella 拥有纽约大学斯特恩商学院的 MBA 学位 和北卡罗来纳大学教堂山分校的 BA 学位。


Raghavan Iyer
Raghavan Iyer

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Raghavan Iyer 拥有逾 22 年的 IT 行业从业经验,他在 2010 年加入埃维诺之前曾经在Honeywell、Syntel 和 Accenture 担任过领导职位。

Raghavan 目前领导埃维诺的全球交付网络,负责管理埃维诺全球超过20,000 名专业技术员工。

在埃森哲任职期间,Raghavan创建埃森哲的印度外包业务、在产品运营组下的生命科学业务、医疗和 在埃森哲任职期间,Raghavan创建埃森哲的印度外包业务、在产品运营组下的生命科学业务、医疗和

Raghavan 拥有孟买大学的计算机工程学士学位以及其他证书,包括《项目管理专家》、《六西格玛管理绿带》和《六西格玛设计》证书。



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