Since December 2014, Avanade employees have donated more than $55,000 to non-profits working to improve living conditions for people all over the world. With an Avanade corporate match of 100% for every gift, Avanade as a whole has contributed well over $110,000 to individuals, families and communities.

Our first employee giving campaign focused on four organisations:

  • The Hunger Project
  • CARE International
  • Project Concern International
  • The Mitchell C. Hill Endowment at Cal Poly Pomona

The first three organisations work to address short-term needs while building long-term solutions in under-served areas. Each has a focus on or an initiative around women as key catalysts for sustainable change.

Avanade helped establish the Mitchell C. Hill Endowment at Cal Poly Pomona to honor the contributions and legacy of our founding CEO. Mitch was a tireless advocate for education and technology. This fund at his alma mater is helping to fund a student-led cloud computing center  and providing financial support to faculty members and students. Cal Poly Pomona places an emphasis on an affordable education; more than 70 percent of its students are first-generation university attendees.

An Avanade colleague in Copenhagen, Thomas Jeorgenson, shared some insight into his decision to donate to Avanade Gives:

Nepal Earthquake Relief

When parts of Nepal were devastated by earthquakes in April 2015, our employees responded quickly and generously. Avanade people from around the world donated approximately $25,000 between CARE International and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), both of which were already working in Nepal and well-positioned to assess needs and provide immediate and ongoing support.

Avanade Corporate Citizenship Annual Report 2018

Explore some of our recent corporate citizenship efforts.


Mitchell C. Hill Memorial Endowment

Avanade helped establish the Mitchell C. Hill Memorial Endowment Fund at Cal Poly Pomona to honor our founding CEO

More about corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship is a story we write everyday. We focus on helping improve the lives of in the communities where we work and on the planet that we share.

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