ABN AMRO innovates for consumer and client impact

“I think these events where we bring an external party that is not bound to the way of thinking that we have within the financial institution and an open mindset to approach our challenges can bring a lot of value.”

Duco Verheijen Product Owner, ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance

ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance is a leading finance provider in the Netherlands that is exploring new and innovative solutions with Avanade. In a local !nnovate Contest, we identified the company’s businesses challenges to help drive proposed solutions and new ideas.

The team leveraged a design-led thinking approach, shared knowledge, collaboration and fresh perspectives which resulted in new insights. The winning concept of this contest was: Making an impact by growing trust between consumers and leasing companies in a transparent way.

Watch the !innovate Event video for more.

Disclaimer: The event filmed in this video occurred prior to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and associating lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

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