Austrian Post digitises for improved customer service

Business Situation

Austrian Post is an innovative and modern company. Over the past few years, it has progressed in leaps and bounds in the area of digitisation and has launched multiple IT-driven projects to interact with customers more quickly in a personalised way.


Avanade and Austrian Post have been working together to implement the company’s CRM system to improve support for customers. Using an agile approach and a mixed team with shared responsibilities, we have developed a system that is both technologically relevant and easy to use so that the entire customer journey is state of the art.

“From the big ideas of technological leadership to actual client projects – and the ability to reflect these ideas in the development of systems through mutual give and take – I sincerely hope our partnership continues to work for us in the future.”

Manuela Bruck Austrian Post


Austrian Post’s customers now benefit from fast and efficient query handling, and the company’s CRM system will continue to make its processes more efficient.

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