Manufacturer redesigns and automates production with innovative mobile technology

Business Situation

This manufacturer of front-end car bumpers and surrounding components, known as fascia, wanted a better way of resolving issues that surface on the production floor. With hundreds of fascia rolling off the assembly line every day, one issue at any step in the process resulted in production challenges and delays throughout the assembly line. Increased automation and more efficient technology were on the wish list.

Car parts manufacturer

Innovating how the production floor works

Car parts manufacturer

Car parts manufacturer redesigns the way it works on the production floor with innovative mobile strategy

How it works

After understanding the manufacturer's needs, Avanade sought to transform the existing assembly line process. Mobile phones are a key piece of the new solution. Workers using mobile phones--that are equipped with bar code scanners--can gain immediate information about each fascia as it rolls through assembly. Workers are more empowered to make informed, immediate decisions about each piece. The mobile phones  alert workers to parts shortages, and provide alerts when various events are triggered on the assembly line. The data captured via the bar code scanners keeps all departments up to speed on manufacturing.

Avanade Added

Reinventing the automated processes for this manufacturer, Avanade delivered an innovative approach that resolved manufacturing issues. The new system offers cutting-edge mobile functionality, automating previously manual parts of the production process and reducing delays. The end result is a system that works more efficiently overall, aligning new mobile technology to existing business processes. Best of all, the new system lowers costs, thanks to fewer production delays and increased automation.

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