FHLB Chicago improves customer relations and reduces decision-making time

Business Situation

FHLBC had a homegrown and outdated CRM solution built from Access 97 and multiple systems within each business unit. There was no single repository for data and no single source for member information.  In order to improve operations, the executive leadership team sought to eliminate redundancy, reduce complexity and optimize work force efficiency by automating manual tasks with updated technology. The primary objective was to create a single source of information that was easily accessible by users throughout the organization.


  • The new system provides a single view of members and their associated, accurate information to the FHLBC.
  • New CRM solution integrates business processes by decreasing decision-making time and improves customer relations by reducing the number of call-backs needed to member organizations.
  • FHLBC’s employees are able to view real-time information and respond appropriately. 
  • Provides a Cloud hosting solution with 24x7x365 support.
  • SharePoint 2010 integration provides access to necessary legal and informational documents by member companies, which increases customer service capabilities.
  • Increases customer insight and provides better customer service.


Avanade developed the desktop deployment roadmap. This plan will enable IT to manage users more efficiently, deploy applications faster and provide needed stability for devices and drivers.  The Avanade team will focus on desktop engineering, deployment and infrastructure readiness. Application remediation is complete.  The rollout will cover over 300 applications and 6,000 desktops.

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