GroupM unlocks innovation with nearly 20% in cost savings

Business Situation

GroupM wanted to pursue new and ambitious digital initiatives – but time was in short supply for its team of IT professionals.

So, it set out find new efficiencies with its existing application development cycles. Namely, it hoped to reduce development costs, speed time to market and unlock more flexibility with its development partner.


GroupM unlocks innovation with nearly 20% in cost savings.

“Avanade is a true business partner, its managed services approach and strong delivery capability help us maximise efficiency, increase agility and give the freedom to innovate.”

Alvin Yong GroupM IT Director (Asia Pacific)


After evaluating GroupM’s goals, Avanade helped the company realise two distinct approaches to IT. First, we made application development more predictable using modern software engineering tools and approaches to create efficiencies and increase agility. And second, we empowered GroupM’s IT team to focus on using technology to innovate the business.


GroupM’s now has the freedom to innovate on new projects, while cutting costs and improving end-user service. They are benefiting from increased agility with shorter release cycles, efficiencies with roughly 20 percent of related costs saved, and innovation with ability to focus and align internal resources on the needs of the business.

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