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Business Situation

Based in Stockholm, ICA-Roslagstull is a leading grocery retailer. To stand out in a competitive market, ICA-Roslagstull sought a more innovative way to enhance customers’ in-store shopping experience while increasing employee efficiency.


    Partnering with Avanade, Microsoft and Ombori, ICA-Roslagstull adopted aspects of Avanade’s new Intelligent Store solution, starting with three use cases:

    • Shelf attention: Select areas in the store are equipped with cameras that detect when a product on the shelf has been depleted. It automatically sends real-time alerts to a web app on an employee’s device to take corrective action.

    • Customer attention: The shelf-signal capability connects with the OmboriGrid platform, enabling customers to use digital screens placed throughout the store to request immediate support and check product information and availability.

    • Floor attention: Cameras are configured to recognise unexpected items on the floor, triggering a notification to store employees for corrective action.

    ICA-Roslagstull team members now receive near-real-time notifications on their mobile devices about occurrences in any of these three areas. These notifications are powered by match-making algorithms that allow the right signal to be sent to the right individual at the right time, enabling employees to react as and when needed rather than strictly adhering to a prearranged schedule. Powered by Avanade’s Intelligent Store Framework, all notifications can be viewed via a web application, inclusive of the service need and a store map, and ultimately aggregated for additional insights and learnings.


    Avanade’s Intelligent Store Framework is a repeatable, modular experience-in-a-box approach that is all about improving experiences, and it benefits all those involved. Customers gain increased product accessibility and safer shopping environments for a more delightful in-store experience. Actionable notifications make it easier and faster for employees to complete operations. And for management, real-time notification means increased engagement and sales.

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