Investment bank creates the future of FX trading

Business Situation

A Major Canadian investment bank was experiencing issues with its third-party trading software, including high maintenance costs, feature limitations and slow update speeds. This created operational inefficiencies and led to frustration among users and investors. With a bold vision to provide a world-class proprietary trading platform to both institutional and individual investors on a global scale, the client engaged Avanade to undertake the challenge.


Avanade created a new foreign exchange (FX) trading platform that suited the needs of institutional users (RFQ), FX traders and sales desk users, leveraging the latest in design-led principles and development technologies. This new web architecture supports real-time ticks for market data and trade execution updates, and incorporates complex messaging with Solace. The tech stack included AngularJS, NodeJS, Redis and RxJS to create the front-end and UI subsystem and is easily scalable for future user growth.


Avanade designed and developed the new FX trading platform in just four months, and the solution was fully implemented within six months, eliminating any dependencies and costs associated with leveraging a third-party provider. With a consistent design, the company has been able to reduce training times and ultimately accelerate ramp-up times across all three user bases.

Discover how Avanade is redefining the future of the capital markets industry through innovative technology solutions.

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