Microsoft: Sitecore Experience Award Winner 2016

Partner: Avanade

Business Situation

Microsoft is a global technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells computer and electronic software, services, devices and solutions for individuals and businesses. They have hundreds of thousands of partners worldwide and are continuously looking for ways to make it easier for their partners to do business with them.

One of the primary ways in which its partners view and interact with Microsoft products, services and solutions is through its Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) website. However, the site had become outdated over time and was in need of a new platform that could provide a faster load time and take advantage of the latest technologies including a more efficient publishing tool, targeted marketing capabilities and more personalised content.

The new website is fully hosted on Azure in multiple regions around the world. Its third-party integration with Clay Tablet eases the content translation process. The site also uses FXM to federate the site’s header and footer to ensure visual consistency. New content and visuals only need to be developed once and any changes are automatically applied to all their sites worldwide. In addition, loading times take on average, less than 0.5 seconds. Overall, the new site has a more modern, innovative design that emphasises a simple, personalised, user-friendly experience that is sophisticated enough to meet business goals with measurable results.

Avanade and three clients receive regional 2018 Sitecore Experience Awards

Avanade joins clients Merck & Co, Volvo Cars and Open Universities Australia in winner’s column.

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