Towergate leverages cloud to fuel the real-time enterprise

Business Situation

Towergate – one of Europe’s largest independently owned insurance brokers – offers over 200 specialist insurance products to SMEs, corporate clients and direct customers. They’ve grown rapidly over the past 20 years – but it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Historically, Towergate focused on acquisitive growth, but as more companies joined, its IT mushroomed to hundreds of different systems, applications and processes. Fragmented, outdated and unstable, this environment was expensive and made collaboration difficult. Customer experience wasn’t optimal and a lot of experience and information became tangled up in legacy systems and processes.

“We wanted to go all in and leapfrog what others in the industry were doing”

Adrian Brown Towergate COO


Avanade, Accenture and Microsoft worked jointly, zeroing in on four key areas of Towergate’s infrastructure. Together they embarked on one of the most comprehensive IT reboots and ambitious cloud migration efforts the financial services industry had ever seen. With the right tools and the right team, this transformation took just 12 months. The solutions included datacenter and hosting, network and telephony, end-user computing and service support.


Towergate began to see immediate, tangible results, with a 30% cost savings. Today, the company is smarter, faster, more reliable and it is ready for the future.

Client Stories


Read Towergate Case Study.

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