Williams wants more speed and less risk in the pit as well as on the track. A digital transformation makes it happen.

Business Situation

Williams Group, the famed Formula One racing organisation, wanted to drive the risk factor out of the pit stop. Competitors could listen to radio exchanges between a Williams driver and crew chief, learning when a pit stop was imminent and adjusting their strategies accordingly. Cars could come in to the pit slower than expected, costing precious seconds and flagging Williams’ pit stop to competitors. Two Williams cars coming in for a “stacked pit stop” might arrive in an unexpected order, also causing delays.

Williams wanted a new pit stop application to correct all this—and to be ready in just five months.

“Avanade made it a fast, painless development process for us. After every sprint, we saw added business value. And we gained best practices and a comfort with agile.”

Max Nightingale Senior Software Engineer, Williams Group


Williams worked with its technology partner Avanade to create Pit Stop Timer, an ASP.NET Core web application that automates the formerly manual process of initiating and confirming a pit stop, resulting in greater predictability and less risk.

The application runs on trackside servers co-located with telemetry servers. Avanade used a modern engineering process including Agile and DevOps to create Pit Stop Timer in 12 two-week sprints. The process included knowledge transfer to Williams developers who now use the same techniques to speed the application’s refinement and expansion.


  • Beats Anticipated Time to Migrate by Two Months - Henkel measures the success by the speed and accuracy. The project was delivered in 13 months, two months faster than previously anticipated.
  • Shifts Culture, Reinvents Productivity, with 50 Percent Lync Adoption - Henkel regards the strong and rapid user acceptance of Office 365 as another measure of the project’s success. Everyone expected employees to use Office 365 email, but within a few months, almost half of them were also using Lync Online.
  • Gains Cloud Platform to Support Their Digital Workplace - Henkel now has a modern, unified communications and collaboration cloud platform that sets it on a journey toward their digital workplace vision, delivering innovative and highly productive ways of working.

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Williams Group

Read the full case study to learn more about Williams’ Pit Stop Timer.

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