Disruptions offer the opportunity to adapt and evolve. In these challenging times we understand that organisations need to rethink their cloud strategy. Reducing operational costs immediately, moving to a flexible cost base and driving efficiency become priorities.

Business agility has never been more important and finding budget for cost-reduction programmes has become even more difficult. There is a clear opportunity for most organisations to rapidly assess their cloud expenditure and unlock the value of the Azure cloud at the same time. Now is the time to rethink cost containment and optimisation.

Avanade is hosting an informational session on how you can reduce your Azure cloud expenditure. In the webinar we will share:

  • Tips, best practices, and our experience in taking measures internally with our IT department and with our clients
  • Investment models and approaches that can truly benefit your business now
  • How Avanade can help you to understand your Azure spend and reduce your costs

Our proven and rapid approach has already helped us and several clients to reduce Azure costs by 30% to 70% in a matter of weeks.

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Rob Leach

Rob Leach
Azure Platform Offering Lead

Rob Leach leads the global Cloud Application practice for Avanade. In this role, Rob works with clients to understand their strategic initiatives and business priorities so the best approach, tools and technologies can be utilized to deliver results. The cloud application development practice at Avanade develops and delivers processes, architectures and experiences which allowed clients to harness the speed, scale and economics offered by today’s Cloud technologies. Since 1991, Rob has been combining his engineering background and technology expertise with proven business leadership to create solutions for clients which transform how they compete and deliver services in an ever-changing world.

Namrata H. Shah

Namrata H. Shah
Modern Application Transformation Lead

Namrata H. Shah leads the Modern Application Transformation and Application Development practice for Avanade North East. She enables Avanade’s clients to get most out of the Azure cloud leveraging PaaS services, Agile and DevOps. Developing new offerings for Agile, DevOps, Application Development, Cloud Native Apps is one of her responsibilities in her role.


Azure Cloud Optimisation FAQs

It’s time to rethink your cloud journey.

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