Exploring Manufacturing-As-A-Service

As manufacturers confront more competition and decreasing profit margins, innovative business models provide an opportunity to differentiate and add value in the eyes of customers. More manufacturers are looking at the advantages of subscription-based models, which provide industrial equipment, automation, and processes as-a-service, with payment based on consumption and results.

This type of business model has several advantages. So, why haven’t more manufacturers adopted this new approach? What's holding manufacturers back from fully embracing it?

Changing your business model is complex and determining a safe place to start is key to unlocking the potential of service-based business models. Join us for this highly engaging peer to peer session to discuss the viability of a service-based revenue model for a modern manufacturer:

  • What does a service-based model mean for a manufacturer? What impact can piloting have on risk?
  • From a manufacturer’s perspective, what are the advantages and concerns of as-a-service models? How can barriers to adoption be overcome?
  • What systems and resources need to be in place to create trusted relationships, manage complexity, and ensure full transparency?

Executive Summary:

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Jennifer Johnson
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Karen McAteer
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