The benefits of adopting a Zero-Trust framework to secure the enterprise are numerous. The pandemic has pushed many organisations to adopt or think about adopting it. For security leaders this isn’t always straightforward. The good news is that there is no single, correct approach – just as there isn’t only one recipe for the perfect entrée. By the same token, the wrong ingredients and steps can have disastrous results.

In this 30 min flash webinar, our experts from Microsoft and Avanade will share how organisations have successfully implemented Zero-Trust; and why some have failed. We will discuss:

  • Zero Trust: What is it?
  • Four Organisations. Four approaches.
  • Why Zero-Trust is important today.
  • Getting started on your Zero-Trust journey.

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Sue Bohn 

Sue Bohn
Partner Director of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division

Sue Bohn is a Partner Director of Program Management in the Identity Division at Microsoft. She leads the Identity Customer and Partner Success Team, which drives deep engineering relationships with customers and partners. Sue is a diversity and inclusion executive sponsor at Microsoft and has recently earned a diversity and inclusion certification from eCornell, Cornell University's online learning platform. Sue has spent twenty-six years in various marketing, evangelism, and engineering roles across the Developer, Business Solutions, Windows, and Cloud + AI divisions in Microsoft. Sue has a B.S degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota Moorhead. In her spare time, Sue is a classically-trained pianist and organist.

Chris Ritcher 

Chris Richter
North America Security Lead, Avanade

Chris Richter is North America Security Practice for Avanade, a 38,000-person-strong IT services firm focused on helping organisations maximise their investments in the Microsoft ecosystem. Chris and his team are committed to helping our clients improve their security posture while improving operational performance and overall workplace experience.

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