Unlock the benefits of robust digital identity

In a growing and complex digital evolution, a cohesive digital identity strategy that can unlock value needs to be at the centre of your operations. The front door for your users, devices and applications, it’s the central point of intelligence and defense, crucial to effectively managing cybersecurity.

Robust digital identity empowers seamless interactions, in a trusted way, enabling new business models and better employee experiences.

Build Identity Resilience across your organisation

Avanade helps you scale modern digital identity solutions, built on zero-trust principles.

Our comprehensive approach combines 4 pillars so that you can effectively manage access across your organisation, ensuring identity resilience and recovery from compromise.

  • Enterprise Identity Governance & Administration – A full lifecycle of Identity and Access Management (IAM) services to securely manage identities for all employees.
  • Zero Trust Access Management - Comprehensive access management for employees, contractors, third-party, and partners and advanced capabilities to secure access to sensitive privileged account credentials.
  • Cyber Incident Recovery and Remediation – Isolation and mitigation of threats to restore integrity and confidence in critical business systems. Transformation of security operations to build resilience.
  • Emerging Technologies - Leveraging our expertise to bring you the boldest and most innovative solutions to help you solve your identity challenges, enabling you to stay ahead of threats.

Why Avanade

At Avanade, we’re the experts at helping you secure your Microsoft and hybrid IT ecosystems. Our security services provide a holistic approach through advisory, implementation and managed services.

We provide proven methodologies, deep expertise and leading-edge technology. As a managed security provider, we can also augment your security team and provide the 24/7 monitoring of events and ongoing operational support to help you stay ahead of security risks. Our accolades include:

  • Microsoft Advanced Specialisation for IAM, Information Protection and Governance and Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Security Excellence award winner for Zero Trust Champion
  • Microsoft 2023 Partner of the Year - Global System Integrator (GSI) Award - for the 18th time
  • 18 Microsoft Gold Competencies including Gold for Microsoft’s Security competency
  • Member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)
Robust security in a crisis

Avanade Compromise Recovery can help you address the impact of the Solarwinds breach.

Rethink your cybersecurity strategy

Download our guide for 5 practical steps to build a resilient and scalable operation.

Take the next step

If you’ve rapidly migrated applications, workloads and data to the cloud, scaled remote working or made changes to your operating model, a good place to start is one of our security assessments or workshops. Depending on your needs, you can pick one, or take a combination.

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