Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident

Your customers are changing. Your channels are changing. And your competition is changing. Your customers want great personalise experiences, across multiple channels, and your competitors are vying to deliver it better and faster. To win in this environment, you must be ahead of the game.

Building these great customer experiences extends far beyond a single website or campaign. It connects across your customer experience strategy, creates interest through design, iterates with data and insights, and scales across channels, creating excitement for customers and employees alike.

The results are there to be had: Organisations that prioritise customer experience see a 58% increase in customer satisfaction, 45% increase in loyalty and triple their return on investment.

“I finally feel like I have the freedom to do many things. I can see customer reactions to our content very easily and then I can give them more of what they want through a better portal.”
Hajime Nakamura Digital Marketing Group Manager, Living Sales Planning Department, Tokyo Gas

Our capabilities can help turn your customer experience vision into reality

people-talent-communities-iconContent Management

Using Sitecore’s Web Experience Platform, we help you to consolidate your content management, shift to the cloud and build your customer experience strategy, roadmap and business case. We also provide creative UX design connected to your strategy, brand and long-term goals.

people-program-project-skills-iconCustomer Intelligence

Using Sitecore’s Experience Database (xDB), we help you deliver experiences by connecting existing customer and back-end data, plus more in Microsoft Azure. Accelerate your understanding of your customers and predict behavior with advanced analytics capabilities.

people-talent-communities-iconCross-Channel Delivery

Using a combination of the functionality within Sitecore’s Email, Social and Federated Experience Management tools, we help you to integrate Sitecore with your existing tools to give a full picture of your marketing to customers across your online and offline experiences, to deliver a connected customer journey.

people-program-project-skills-iconCommerce Tools

Using Sitecore Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics together, we help you to realise commerce opportunities within your current web experience and monetize your web channel and connect your marketing, sales and service experiences. All whilst continuing to build your brand awareness.

We can run it for you too

With our Digital Marketing Managed Services solution, you can get back to managing your brand.

These services help accelerate the initialization, deployment and ongoing management of digital marketing platforms like Sitecore. We harness the work of hundreds of clients to help you get going on a new customer experience platform while providing tips and tricks without you having to pay for extensive consulting hours. It’s a pay-as-you-go, managed offering for marketers, enabling you to get to market fast, at scale and with speed.

Meet our award-winning clients

The power of the Sitecore Experience Platform combined with Avanade’s expertise enables clients to deliver great customer experiences. Meet a few clients that have won Sitecore Experience Awards this year.

Microsoft - Content Management: Best content strategy, North America. We helped Microsoft create a new more modern, innovative design for their Partner Network site.

Stockland - Omnichannel Automation: Real time engagement, Australia and New Zealand. We helped Stockland create a Sitecore experience platform that allows them to understand their customers at an individual level, and personalise their experience when browsing product and content.

Sitecore expertise to help you accelerate your customer experience

Combining creative and technology expertise at global scale, Avanade helps businesses improve the digital customer experience and win their digital future. And Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. Together, we’re hard to beat.

With more Sitecore-certified professionals than any other partner and as Sitecore’s first and only Global Platinum Implementation Partner, we know how to get the most from the customer experience management platform. We have:

  • 250-plus Sitecore customers in 21 countries.
  • Delivered more Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure than any other provider.
  • 900-plus Sitecore Certified Developers, 11 2017 Sitecore MVPs.
  • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists.
  • Received 17 Sitecore Site of the Year and Experience Awards in the last four years.
  • Received the prestigious “ Winning Together Award,” partnering with Sitecore, Accenture and TCS.

Hear the latest from our Sitecore experts

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Eduardo Moraes
Sitecore MVP - Group Manager


Disconnected martech is leaving money on the table

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Together, building winning customer experiences.

Sitecore® Experience Platform

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