WX Podchat – Episode 2: Creating true human centric experiences in the digital workplace

With emerging HR phenomena such as the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle, Employee Experience is given more prominence than even before in the Digital Workplace. But where should organisations start? In this episode Hara Gavriloglou, Group Manager, Modern Workplace at Avanade explores how being a true people first organisation can boost business metrics. Hara discusses the importance of creating personalised experiences using data and technology as catalysts.

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Sophia Nacef Bio 

Sophia Nacef
Senior Consultant, Modern Workplace Advisory, Avanade

Sophia has a dual focus: people and technology. She brings more than eight years’ experience in the Employee Experience field working in transformation programmes for large UK and global organisations.

Sophia enables digital transformation by maximizing the use of data to inform strategic business decisions. She develops insights to identify pain points and opportunities to design meaningful experience roadmaps, rolling out interventions that land and that last. She’s placing engaging with stakeholders at the core for success by creating stories to take people onboard the change journey.

Sophia takes pride in designing solutions that deliver true business value and make a genuine human impact.


Featured guest

Hara Gavriloglou Bio 

Hara Gavriloglou
Group Manager, Modern Workplace, Avanade

Hara has extensive experience in creating Employee Experience strategies that enable organisations tackle key people challenges, such as hybrid work implementation, managing employee wellness, culture changes and adjusting ways of working.

Expert in linking employee attitudes to business outcomes using appropriate technologies and platforms as enablers. Passionate in interpreting and converting data into tangible action plans, enabling business to accelerate their workforce capabilities. Knowledgeable in transforming qualitative and quantitative data to strategic insights, empowering executives to make data driven decisions, utilising action plans and technology effectively.


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