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“Think about how this new world is going to look, because this is not this new normal that we're innovating. It's not going back.” Sri Muthu, CEO and Managing Founder, Health Venture.

Recorded live during FUEL, Avanade's virtual innovation leadership and technology conference. Miranda C. Hill interviews three wildly diverse leaders each with different career paths and speaking from different industries - banking, retail and healthcare - but all working at the intersection of business, digital innovation, and the COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Hear how our guests made their way to the top in their fields and how their companies are innovating when nothing is quite as it used to be.

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Miranda C. Hill

Miranda C. Hill
Global Lead, Innovation

Miranda joined Avanade in June 2018, bringing nearly two decades of business consulting, product and innovation leadership. Prior to Avanade, she spent time at ThoughtWorks and Wells Fargo Digital Innovation Lab where she drove innovation agendas in retail banking and payments. Miranda studied Artificial Intelligence at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and received her MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business. Her curiosity and passion for innovation is rooted in her desire to tackle real business challenges through a blend of re-imagined experiences, strategy and technology. When she’s not hosting the Next Thing Now, she likes to hike around the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two kids, and a Boston Terrier named Jean Luc.

Special Guests

Jonny LeRoy

Jonny LeRoy
CTO, Grainger

Jonny is an industry leader who sees technology as a fundamentally creative act, and believes in the value of bringing together a range of skills and people to solve problems. As CTO, Jonny leads teams across Grainger's Technology Group to build capabilities that complement and advance the company's strategy and business model including creating a more modern technology and next-generation engineering culture that enables growth through stronger competitive advantages. Jonny joined Grainger after 15 years at ThoughtWorks, where he led their North America technology organisation, growing new offerings and capabilities, while also helping to progress their talent, culture and delivery expertise. He has advised many organisations through modernisation journeys including Gap, Nordstrom and Google.


Marie Floyd

Marie Floyd
Head of Digital Experience, Bank of Montreal

Marie is a passionate advocate for creating emotionally engaging customer experiences that solve important problems and drive growth both in new and existing products and services. Throughout her 20+ years in tech, she’s transformed multiple organisations to become more customer focused and made design of the total customer experience a competitive advantage.

Prior to her current role Marie was the SVP of Digital Customer Experience for Wells Fargo, Vice President of Design at eBay and Vice President of Customer Experience at Intuit.


Sri Muthu

Sri Muthu
CEO and Managing Founder, Health Venture

In 2016, Sri Muthu launched HealthVenture, a full service firm that consults and technically supports early and seed-stage startups specialising in all digital health: from idea development to product launch, we work with our clients to help them achieve their company goals. They provide clients with the necessary tools to build a successful company.

Prior to launching HealthVenture, Sri was the Head of Technology at Wells Fargo where he led Digital Payments, Wallet, IOT and Mobile solutions for Wholesale Innovation. He is a graduate of the Yale University School of Management and was a volunteer EMT for 7 years.


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