Hybrid cloud: From hype to reality

To cope with the pace of digital change, your organisation needs a solid and scalable infrastructure. Hybrid cloud could be the answer. However, there’s still confusion about what hybrid cloud is and how to get ready for it.

To examine the expectations, facts and myths surrounding hybrid cloud, Avanade surveyed 1,000 C-level business leaders and IT decision-makers in enterprises worldwide.

Harnessing the power of hybrid cloud will better position your organisation to focus on strategic growth. Many firms are ready to unleash this potential. Are you?

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Key findings: Hybrid cloud adoption at a tipping point

Avanade’s research shows that expectations amongst the C-suite is a driving factor in hybrid cloud adoption. Our study reveals that:

  • The majority of companies expect to deliver many critical business applications over a hybrid cloud platform within three years.
  • 73 percent of business leaders believe that hybrid cloud offers a competitive advantage, and is a key priority for strategic growth.
  • Yet 58 percent of organisations still don’t have a hybrid cloud strategy in place – despite diminishing barriers to adoption.
Does yours?

Hybrid cloud: From hype to reality

Get the facts, bust the myths and overcome the perceived barriers to hybrid cloud adoption.


The truth behind hybrid cloud

Pinpoint the driving forces behind hybrid cloud adoption in the enterprise.


Hybrid cloud takes centre stage

Why companies are investing in hybrid cloud at a faster rate than private or public cloud.

Next steps

Learn more about our hybrid cloud research and how the findings apply to your business.

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