A day as a Sales Specialist in the field of Azure Cloud Business Application and Infrastructure

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To give applicants a better idea of what this job is like, Savitha from the Business Development department tells you what her day-to-day work as an Azure Sales Specialist is actually like.

What is your role at Avanade and how does your day-to-day work look like?
My name is Savitha and I’m based in Zurich, Switzerland. I’ve been at Avanade for one year now, working as a sales specialist in Azure Cloud Business - Applications and Infrastructure and Data & AI.

I am in a client facing role which involves client contact on a daily basis. When I am talking to new prospects or existing clients, I get the opportunity to represent Avanade and everything that we stand for. I am continuously exploring how I can help clients in achieving their business goals and maximize any potential that is on hand with the help of technology.

As a sales specialist I have to keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of technology, as well as the market and keep an eye on the competition. Collaboration and networking with Microsoft and Accenture are also an integral part of my role.

Additionally, my daily job involves following the sales processes of opportunity qualification, pipeline management, internal stakeholder management and orchestrating the team towards the end goal.

What really makes me happy is when I can leverage technology to solve a client’s business problem!

„Being a mother of 2 small kids that need my attention, Avanade has provided me the flexibility to always put my family first and have a great work-life balance. “

What skills do you think are important for the role?
In this role, you are in direct contact with clients on a daily basis. Being comfortable in front of clients is a MUST for this role.

You should not shy away from taking ownership and driving an opportunity to success. This means wading your way through internal sales processes, orchestrating teams, and knowing when to bring the subject matter expert in front of the client, always having the end result in sight. At times, time management becomes very important when you are working on short deadlines.

Having a growth mind-set, being flexible and not rigid, working in an organized and structured way and being communicative, has really helped me in being successful in this role.

What makes Avanade a good employer:
After working for multinationals for more than a decade, I thought I had a fairly good idea of what I could expect. However, Avanade surprised me repeatedly and convinced me that I am in the right place. Being a mother of 2 small kids that need my attention, Avanade has provided me the flexibility to always put my family first and have a great work-life balance. I find myself very seldom in a situation where I feel the need that I have to choose between family or work.

Avanade puts immense effort into Inclusion & Diversity. Having been the only female student at the Technical University, and the only female team member quite a few times, I see Avanade putting a conscious effort to achieve gender parity at all levels. As a committee lead of Global Women's Employee Network for Europe and North America, I get to drive a meaningful impact and make a difference for Women at Avanade.

I have met some of the best minds and gurus at Avanade, and working with them enriches me. Colleagues are kind and always helpful, new ideas are heard with enthusiasm and thinking out of the box is encouraged. The working environment, the culture and spirit at Avanade are second to none.

Possibilities are unbound. GO ORANGE!

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