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As part of this initiative, Dal-Tile partnered with Avanade to transform its warranty process using the company's core CRM system. Dal-Tile is the leading manufacturer of natural stone and porcelain tiles in the U.S. and the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tile. The company sells its products through retailers around the globe and is continually looking for new ways that technology can help streamline processes to both scale its business and improve the customer experience.

As part of this initiative, Dal-Tile partnered with Avanade to transform its warranty process using Salesforce, one of Dal-Tile’s core systems. Because its products are sold through multiple retailers, Dal-Tile managed several different warranty registration systems. Furthermore, warranty claims were managed by email. The solution? A cloud-based, self-service portal that will save both time and effort for users.


Avanade consolidated Dal-Tile’s requirements to help guide the implementation plan around the customer and employee journeys. Much of this work was dedicated to developing a core warranty process with a simple user experience that can be quickly expanded and replicated to support new brands and retailers in the future.

Within the new CRM warranty portal, customers can:

  • Register a warranty
  • Submit a warranty claim
  • Receive confirmation of their submission
  • Track the status of a warranty claim using a real-time dashboard

With the new portal, employees can review requests and update warranty claims more efficiently. They can also secure insights and analysis on response times – information that previously required manual intervention to gather.


Dal-Tile’s new warranty portal will help the company continue to scale its business while providing customers and retailers with intuitive experiences that make registering for warranties and making claims much quicker, easier and more trackable than before. Streamlining these processes will also help Dal-Tile employees spend less time managing requests and analysing customer data to improve future initiatives. Increasing internal efficiencies has made the entire process easier for everyone involved.

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