Digital transformation has a positive impact on patient care at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

As a leader and an innovator in medical and hospital care in Brazil, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is constantly improving its processes, relying on technology to serve its patients and business. Faced with COVID-19 challenges, the hospital needed a new solution to safely and securely treat patients and support its medical teams.

Avanade helped Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein build sustainable digital capabilities in record time. As a result, patients and hospital staff now have quick, convenient and secure tools, including:

  • Patient self-service system – for appointment scheduling, check in and printing ID bracelets.
  • Digital and mobile at-home health services – for e-signatures, online payments and medical requests.
  • Online patient self-registration via a QR code – ideal for companies needing mass COVID-19 tests.
  • Modernized AI-enabled surgery center system – where doctors can manage surgery scheduling logistics, assemble virtual teams, view electronic medical records and more.

Today, the admission process for medical appointments takes just 55 seconds, whereas it previously took up to six minutes. In unprecedented times, faster service can be a matter of helping to save more lives.

„Die Unterstützung von Avanade hat entscheidend dazu beigetragen, dass die IT-Abteilung des Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein immer besser in der Lage ist, die Markttrends im Gesundheitswesen zu berücksichtigen und so die digitale Transformation der Einrichtung zu fördern, ohne dabei die Patienten- und Datensicherheit aus den Augen zu verlieren.“

Antonio Valadares Gomes Neto Information Technology Manager, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

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