Open Universities Australia personalises the student experience

Business Situation

Open Universities Australia (OUA) is the nation’s leader for online higher education with more than 190 degree programs delivered by 13 leading Australian universities and enrollment currently at over 350,000 students. To grow student numbers in the face of an increasingly competitive online market for education worldwide, it needed to improve lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion rates. OUA wanted to personalise the student experience across the entire online education journey, helping students choose the right course from the outset and prosper with their studies.

“We now have a platform that will enable our vision to be the destination for any Australian wanting to study higher education online. We’re creating more personalised student experiences, and we can now be much smarter in how we drive and measure student engagement.”

Andy Sheats Executive General Manager of Students, OUA


OUA and Avanade team members designed and implemented a Sitecore solution to power personalised experiences across the web and other channels, nurturing a diverse range of student journeys. Data visualization tools are currently being used to provide visibility of conversion rates throughout the entire sales funnel, drawing on information from the Sitecore Experience Database.


OUA now has a robust platform, fit to scale that enables students to seamlessly explore, choose and enroll in its programs. Key benefits include:

  • Substantial increase in lead capture from website
  • Significant growth in undergraduate degree applications and new student enrollment
  • Personalised student experience delivered via the website and other channels

Moving forward, OUA intends to leverage machine learning and data analytics capabilities extensively to personalize the student journey even further.



Great customer experiences come down to people.

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