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Cutting through the metaverse hype

The metaverse is evolving

The definition of the metaverse is a moving target, but we think about it in a way that focuses on business value, even as the concept continues to take shape. This is how we define the metaverse right now: An evolution of the internet, but a revolution in the making for business. The metaverse spans physical places and digital spaces, enabling us to collaborate and exchange value through shared interactions and experiences.

The right approach to the metaverse is a pragmatic one

We can help you become metaverse ready, create new human-centered experiences, make the most of your data – and prepare to realise the potential of a fully integrated metaverse of the future. While much of the current buzz centers around consumer experiences, we believe the true opportunity lies in the workplace. These are just some of the use cases we’re working on with clients that are already delivering value:


remote collaboration

Remote collaboration

Use virtual spaces and extended reality to streamline collaborative design, construction and maintenance with customers and colleagues.

remote operations

Remote operations

As physical automation increases, operate machinery with humans-in-the-loop from a safe distance with precision.

meeting and events

Meetings and events

Take advantage of the ubiquity of digital tools for remote and hybrid work, providing a virtual space to collaborate and connect.




Training is a natural fit for metaverse spaces, which work especially well for simulations of unsafe scenarios and for generating empathy.

disaster recovery

Disaster recovery / catastrophe modeling

All organisations that manage physical infrastructures to envision and model various scenarios using historical data and forecast modeling.

digital marketing

Digital marketing

Create rich and responsive marketing that creates new channels and immersive experiences for customers to learn and interact with organisations before buying.




Enable social shopping, virtual stores and try-on-at-home experiences in virtual fitting rooms in the metaverse – creating connection between the digital and the physical.

digital goods

Digital goods

Provide virtual things for virtual worlds, where luxury brands in particular can offer non-physical goods for sale and show off status in the metaverse.



Bring people together for shared experiences that persist over time to create larger communities of interest.

Become metaverse ready: Strategy and design to create people first experiences and a business value exchange

Some of our perspectives on the metaverse.

Metaverse, industry by industry

The opportunities are numerous, whatever sector you are in. We help businesses envision new experiences, capitalise on data and explore key considerations by industry and scenario. We offer an innovation-led approach to help you become metaverse ready.

Metaverse clients

Our client, ABB Turbocharging, partnered with us to test drive a solution for employee collaboration using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 mixed reality technology. By combining cloud and AI services, the HoloLens optimised both training and collaboration. Now, ABB Turbocharging is well down the onramp to the emerging metaverse – they’ll receive returns on their investment in both the short and long term

Why Avanade for your metaverse aspirations?

At Avanade, we’re helping leaders become metaverse ready. We guide them on a journey that takes advantage of their most significant investments in data, design and technology to capitalise on the metaverse at it evolves.

As a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, we bring our unique heritage to help you cut through the hype and envision practical scenarios that propel your business forward and drive new use cases and business impact for your organisation.

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