Dramatic improvement of customer management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Situation

This company had migrated its acquired companies to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX with Avanade. With all back-office operations now managed in Dynamics AX, the next step for streamlining the business is the implementation of one central CRM system.


The company engaged Avanade to implement Dynamics CRM, because of its knowledge of the business and previous experience in implementing Dynamics CRM. The main business processes in Dynamics CRM for the company are: quotation handling, 360° reporting for customers and principals, opportunity management, permission based marketing, product segmentation and customer segmentation. In addition, creating offline visit reports and the integration with Microsoft Outlook® is an excellent feature for the sales managers.

"In the initial phase, we rolled out Microsoft Dynamics AX as a shared ERP platform as fast as possible. This platform now acts as the foundation for phase two, in which we will further improve and fine-tune the system. Our new standard environment will enable us to absorb newly acquired companies much more quickly in the future."

Adrian Jesinghaus CIO


The solution was implemented by Avanade in 29 countries for 37 group companies. Sales managers use Dynamics CRM to share sales information, create campaigns and make quotations. Dynamics CRM is linked to the back-office system, Dynamics AX, which contains the master data.

Case Study: Avanade implements Microsoft Dynamics AX in 11 countries

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